When Colgate-Palmolive and the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) decided to inaugurate a new golf tournament in 1972 under the name of TV star Dinah Shore, no one (not even Dinah!) thought the tournament would become more than a premier sporting event in a tony California desert resort. Who expected 10,000 lesbians to show up? At first it was just a trickle, drawn to Rancho Mirage and nearby Palm Springs by the idea of celebrating spring break poolside in the desert. But within a decade, the Dinah Shore Golf Tournament, currently known as the Kraft Nabisco Championship but still called The Dinah, had become a gathering of epic proportion.

Golf? Who said anything about golf? The tournament week is crowded with comedy concerts, pool parties, and tea dances. Promoters reserve entire hotels, and the golf tournament is merely an excuse for the year's biggest pool party.

This lavishly illustrated, oversize book celebrates all things Dinah, including:

  • A history of the tournament highlighting the main players--with gaydar ratings for each.
  • A history of women's golf, of the city of Palm Springs, and of entertainer Dinah Shore herself.
  • Interviews with club promoters, bartenders, and partygoers on the evolution of the "Gay Dinah."
  • "Dinah Style"--a look at the changing couture, including how to get your polo shirt collar to stand up.
  • "The Dinah Guide," including how to get to Palm Springs and vicinity, how to secure lodging and tickets, directions for getting around, and a tourist guide to the area.